This is a very special branch at New Beginnings Apostolic Church. Our purpose for this group is to establish a strong foundation through fundamental, creative and fun teachings. We have created a safe, encouraging place where kids of all ages can gather, interact and learn valuable truths that will serve them well throughout their lifetime. With age-appropriate classes, lessons, and programs design to impact every child, we are committed to helping you raise your child to be strong, secure young adult with appreciation for their parent, peers and their Creator.

We also believe that church can be fun. That is why we dedicate time, energy and resources to our kids and invest in their experience at New Beginnings Apostolic Church. We teach Bible lessons that are relevant to today's children along with games, music, drama, puppets and video. We also have a lot of fun trips to theme parks, pizza restaurants and an annual family camp.


Worship Service 7:00pm

Sunday School 10:00am
Worship Service 1:00pm

Monday - Friday 5:00am